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If you love a little bit of everything, an eclectic or bohemian space might be your happy place.

It’s all well and good to have a particular style that you gravitate towards. Some of us are just predictable in what we love, and we will consistently be drawn to the same types of curves and patterns. But what about those of us that love it all? What happens when you love the curve and comfort of a traditional sofa, but you just can’t pass up that mid century sideboard you found at the flea market? What do you do when you just can’t make up your mind?

Eclectic Design, and it’s slightly less sophisticated baby sister, Bohemian Design, are here for your madness. They are unbothered by your indecision. They care, not at all, that you can’t pick a style and stick to the rules. They enable your chaos!

Eclectic Design, the more mature of the two styles, knows how to party, but she’s polite and cleans up after herself. She pulls her favorite bits and pieces from the established metrics of other styles. She bends the rules without completely breaking them. She values design principles like balance and texture, but she isn’t afraid to mix modern shapes in traditional fabrics or wood tones. Eclectic Design is best accomplished when it is well thought out. Without a clear design plan, eclectic rooms can easily become cluttered. When you love it all, it’s difficult to draw the line somewhere. If you find yourself connecting to the eclectic design style, pay close attention to balance in your space. Be bold in mixing and matching across multiple styles, but refrain from overdoing it. More isn’t better, when it comes to eclectic style. To find that common thread across styles, pull a similar color tone from a traditionally styled chair and mimic that color in some impressionistic or abstract art. Eclectic rooms are not haphazard. When well done, there will be harmony in the space.

Bohemian Design, on the other hand, is the unrestrained baby of the family. She knows the rules, and she breaks them all. You will have no say in how she decorates her space, because she listens to no one but her own heart. Bohemian design incorporates elements from any and all of the standard design styles as well as textiles, art, and accessories from around the globe. It is a well traveled design aesthetic, with a heavy emphasis on texture, natural fibers and live greenery as well as decorative pieces from independent artisans. Bohemian spaces tend to be a colorful palette of texture draped across a neutral backdrop. Silk, velvet, fur, leather, jute, and sequins! Bohemian design welcomes them all! Bohemian spaces are as unique and interesting as the person that occupies them.

If you love a little bit of everything, an eclectic or bohemian space might be your happy place. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and create a room that has a different look and feel from any of your friends’ spaces. If you choose pieces that make your heart happy, the space will echo your personality and you’ll be glad to come home to it each day.

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