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Perhaps the most polarizing of the design styles is Mid Century Modern.

If traditional style is familiar, and transitional design is comfortable but fresh, then mid century design is the black sheep of the design triad. A significant movement in design history, the mid century stylings rose to prominence after the end of World War II. Young american war heroes returned home and new families and social dynamics were established. There was an edge working it’s way out of our American traditions, and this can be dramatically felt in a modern space.

This style is the sophisticated older sister with metropolitan flair. Primarily distinguishable by its clean lines, sharp angles, bold colors, and overall lack of embellishment, mid century modern design embraces a “less is more” aesthetic. The style also aims to bring nature into interior spaces. Mid-century architecture boasts larger windows and natural materials, and this use of nature is often mirrored inside by incorporating glass, metal, and wood in unexpected places.

To create a fresh take on mid-century modern styling, start with a rug with a bold, geometric print or a plush shag. Add a wooden console with clean lines and angled legs, a bold colored sofa or a neutral tone in an unexpected fabric like velvet or tweed. Accent your space with a bold piece of abstract art, a live house plant, and bits of bronze or chrome. Look for pieces that have a distinctly angular shape, and incorporate pattern to add some movement to the space. By following these simple design tips, you’ll be able to create a sophisticated space with Big City personality in Small Town America.

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